Snake Trainer

“Wow, you’ll really let us play with your pet rattlesnakes?” Cassandra exclaimed.

“Of course,” the snake trainer told her. “I have years of experience with rattlesnakes. These two have been well-trained.”

“But you said they started out as wild animals,” Christopher pointed out. “What if they try to hurt us?”

“No worries,” the trainer assured. “They are still tame enough that they always obey me. If they are about to harm you, I’ll call them off with a whistle.”

“Okay!” Christopher was excited. “Then what are we waiting for?”

Christopher and Cassandra entered the enclosure of the rattlesnakes. They tried petting the snakes, which merely flicked tongues at them, watching them warily. Eventually the creatures grew tired of the attention and shook their rattles in warning. Christopher and Cassandra didn’t seem to notice as they continued laughing and trying to play with the dangerous reptiles. Finally the rattlesnakes reared up and prepared to attack. Cassandra called out to the trainer, knowing she and Christopher would be fine.


One thought on “Snake Trainer

  1. The answer:

    The trainer can’t really call them off with a whistle–rattlesnakes are deaf. Either he’s not the expert he says he is, or he does know and just wants to harm Christopher and Cassandra.


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