Alien Planet

A race of extra-terrestrials from a distant planet called Dasba had formed an alliance with humans and now had a special request. So they set up communications between the ambassadors of the two species:

Alien Ambassador: We have a lot of information about Earth, but we would like to learn more about humans. As the ambassador of your species, would you be willing to come to our planet and be studied for a short time? Our home world is similar enough in biology to Earth that it could be inhabitable to humans. Our planets are in different galaxies, but we know of a wormhole that can transport you, unharmed, to our planet and back in a matter of minutes.

Human Ambassador: How long would you want me to stay on Dasba?

Alien Ambassador: We were hoping your visit could last for 200 years.

Human Ambassador: 200 years?! I don’t even have that long to live!

Alien: Oh, no, I mean 200 of our years. A Dasban year only lasts as long as one Earth day.

Human: Oh! So I’ll only be gone 200 days…Okay, I can do that.

Alien: Excellent. We will prepare for your arrival and contact you shortly.

The human ambassador went home that night, excited about his upcoming outer space trip. As he got out of his car, he paused to glance up at the night sky.

‘Soon I will be up there. This is what I’ve always dreamed of,’ he thought to himself. But as he gazed at the sky, another thought came to him. He suddenly got back in his car, drove back to work, called up the Dasbans, and cancelled the trip.


One thought on “Alien Planet

  1. The answer:

    A year is a revolution around the sun. If a year on the planet Dasba is equal to a day on Earth, then Dasba is either moving way too fast or is too close to their sun. Either way, humans are probably not well adapted to that.


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